by Martijn Veldhoen

In 2002 Martijn Veldhoen realized the project The Nervous System in the Tschumi Pavilion. Ten years later he realized with Control again a project in the pavilion. The reason for this was the unveiling of a video work in the entrance of a new public parking in the cenre of Groningen and the parallel exhibition of his work at the Center for Visual Arts (CBK).

On the long side of the pavilion was a four-channel video image projected. On the four, connecting projections was an imaginary water line made visible that ran from left top to bottom right. This created the illusion that the ascending pavilion was filled with tamed and controlled water. An illusion that was enhanced by the sound of flowing water. Substantive and formal Control was connected to the work in the public parking, where with video projections the water of muted town channels is brought back to life.

Dutch’s relationship with water will always remain ambiguous; on the one hand it is risky and must be controlled, on the other hand, it made an important contribution to our development and prosperity. Control in the Tschumi Pavilion was a song of praise to her beauty, and at the same time, a reminder of her dormant, more destructive side.