(Nederlands) een grote bewegende amoebe


Peter Zegveld transforms the Tschumi Pavilion to an imaginary mausoleum for a laid out being. This being, that takes up the entire interior of the Pavilion comes to live and dies in a visually observable sequence. Controlled air turbulence, sound and light are used to achieve this effect. This all refers to well-known icons: the leader laid out, Snow White, the washed up whale, an embryo, the sperm miraculously fertilizers, etc. All images with death and life as a connecting factor.

The sculptural object is constantly reanimated, whereby the association with “ to be and not to be” an obvious line of thought can be. The ritual of an empty inside space that is suddenly filled by a large moving body will work as a giant puppet show.

The object is made of sailing nylon. The volume of the empty “balloon” is within 4 seconds completely filled with air by a wind turbine. The inflated shape has strategically placed holes, to give the excess air room to escape. One gets the impression to be confronted with an organism.

The body starts to die when the wind turbine is turned off. The collapse “the last breath” takes quite some time before the circle repeats again. The inflate and deflate is accented by the sound of inhaling and exhaling while in the evening the whole image is lighted.