by Bea de Visser

Video image of a photo set in motion. Four girls and four pieces of chewing gum make a world of difference when it comes to seduction, filth, emotion, sensitivity, softness, playfulness, innocence, colour, scent and alienation. The images are uncultivated, meant to be viewed in one look and be imprinted in the memory. Just a minute Yoko looks back at the ‘Bare bottoms’ film by Yoko Ono (1967); an alternative to a petition for peace. Blow Up en Just a minute Yoko resemble in sensuality and simplicity. The works consist of a variety of short scenes, their character is monumental and they have a direct impact. After a few seconds, the images will not only leave an imprint in everyone’s mind, but are also an invitation to keep watching. Then it appears, that there is happening much and that there are changes all the time.