by Pieter Baan Müller

Ten monitors, each mounted on a steel pedestal. The screens show various images of swaying, waving treetops, against the background of a cloudy sky. The videorecorders are in a cupboard, still visible, and without any attempt to conceal the wires. This gives the installation as a whole a strange, messy image, as if the recorders and wires are part of Bomen, being similar to roots and trunks. Pieter Baan Müller conjures up a wood, of which he controls every element. He does not go to a wood to spend hours filming treetops and recording the wind- that’s not his approach. He generally ‘makes’ and ‘plays’ everything himself in his studio. It is Müller’s own breath simulating the wind, and it is his arm above his head that waves as branches of a tree. Bomen is a small ‘Gesammt’-work of art.