by Darya von Berner | Harry de Wit

The reflective qualities of the Tschumi Pavilion are used in an optimal way in  ‘Breathe()Red’ by Darya von Berner and Harry de Wit. The project is realised with 650 meter red ‘light tape’. This tape works the same way as a plasma tv. Phosphorus, sandwiched between electrically conductive tape is activated by alternating current. The phosphorus begins to glow and to produce  light that shines through the transparent top layer.

The light tape is glued on all glass edges of the Interior of the Pavilion. By means of special software it is programmed so that the  glowing and dimming of the light is controled. This is done on the basis of a sound design, specially composed composed for the occasion by composer/musician Harry de Wit. The result is a symbiosis between the Tschumi Pavilion and the refined image & sound sculpture.

‘Breathe()Red’ can be understood as a dialogue with the design of Bernard Tschumi. The glowing and dimming tape gives the impression of a pulsating wire sculpture which repeats endless in the mirroring glass of the Pavilion. The ‘ Gesamstkunstwerk ‘ of Darya von Berner and Harry de Wit can be seen as an ode to Bernard Tschumi and his 25-year-old, crystal clear Pavilion.