by Gerald van der Kaap

With Closed Circuit Gerald van der Kaap realized a sequel to his project ‘Kringloop’ that a year earlier was lined up in the Tschumi Pavilion. A number of female students responded to an ad for a screen test. The Tschumi Pavilion was once again used as a film set for making film recordings. Of the raw footage Gerald van der Kaap made two connecting videos, in which the main role was played by Giz and the soundtrack was formed by a song by Serge Gainsbourg.

Also now the floor of the Pavilion was covered with a white, wall to wall carpeting. Returning remains of the movie set as a dressing table with perfume bottles, a pink gorilla hug, a bed, a large round room lamp, an alarm clock and a number of key works from world literature formed the backdrop that seemed an echo of the earlier setups. As before, there were two projection screens set up in the same d├ęcor in which the raw film recordings were made: Closed Circuit.