by Christoph Hildebrand

The worlds population doubled two times in the last century. Former third world countries are taking part in the benefits of progress and prosperity. Resources are getting smaller and precious. Also land, food, water, air and minerals are getting scarce. Humankind grew in respect of number into a giant and is a titan in science, culture or economy. But at the other hand we are a colossus in exploitation and destruction.

DE REUS/GIANT is addressing this issues and is related to the Greek, Germanic and Hindustani heritage with its powerful gods and giants, like Hercules , Mars or Shiva, who can be beneficent but also destructive. DE REUS/GIANT is sleeping but what is he dreaming about? Is he just lulled into sweet memories of innocent childhood, is he Hercules who rescued the world, or is he the giant in the painting from Goya who is tearing apart and eating his people.

White neon tubes in 20 segments form a gigantic, 12m long, three dimensional reclining figure in the Tschumi Pavilion. As a counterpart a three dimensional globe with a diameter of 1.60m made also from white neon is positioned on the roof of Forum/Images across the Hereplein. Both elements are animated. While the ‘Giant’ in the pavilion lights up and illuminates its surrounding in a strong white light the globe dims down. Parallel with the movement of the light the passer-by hears the sound of a deeply breathing man.

This sound is based on sound samplse of documanteries and movise related to an important social, political, economic or emotional subject: the sound of a marketplace in Africa, robots in a factory, voices at a wedding, machine guns, ethnic music and so on. After 30 minutes the cycle of 100 times in-and exhaling starts again.