by Christoph Hildebrand

FLOOD is a new artwork by German artist Christoph Hildebrand conceived for the Tschumipavilion. FLOOD addresses the digital revolution, the omnipresence of the internet and the acceleration of our live through globalisation. It focuses on the existentialistic shift, that occurred during the last three decades, and our perception of identity.

FLOOD creates an intense image of this new situation by combining some two dozens neon signs, that light up in irregular intervals, with furnitures, that are hanging from the ceiling of the glass pavilion and turn left, right and stop sometimes.

FLOOD provokes feelings, that all of us know, many enjoy and quiet a few fear. To mention a few: losing orientation, being overwhelmed, feeling helpless, being drowned or swept away, struggling to keep up, getting dizzy. There is no bottom and top any more, no order, no hierarchy, formerly incomparable values become equal. Everything is turning and accelerating. Where does it start, where does it end? The new situation is a threat and a big chance at the same time.