by C.P. Berbée

Emphasizing the emptiness of the pavilion. The pavilion is not occupied with anything, but it is being shown in its own quality, which means: as an empty case. In some way, the pavilion is unmasked by means of a simple addition at the outside. It seems as if C.P. Berbeé has only one thing to say with ‘Booked’: a pavilion is a pavilion is a pavilion. In order to make this statement, the artist has placed a giant board in front of the empty pavilion, like is done in case of buildings under construction. The board says the names of sponsors and who has commissioned the project, and the word ‘Booked’. This is how the Tschumi pavilion is booked, during the project Booked. By means of placing the board, that does not look like a work of art, but is rather referring to a building being under construction, the pavilion is ‘lifted up’ and elevated to being an icon of the present.