by Jaap de Jonge

A mechanical construction that was set up in the aisle of the pavilion allows the viewers a glance at the inner part of the glass building. In the construction a series of double, mechanically tumbling mirrors was placed. This results in the mirrorred environment waving through the pavilion. At night, this movement is accentuated by strong lamps on both sides of the pavilion, switching on and off and following the rhythm of the tumbling mirrors. The house with a through lounge is a typical Dutch phenomenon. Districts with this type of houses are usually a paragon of uniformity. The party tent, the small heather garden, the skimmia and, by way of completion, the lamella as an adjustable filter to the world outside. Foreigners are stupefied by the fact that, particularly during the night, one can observe a complete family life in the well lit living rooms, all in one glance. The House of Glass was instigated on this adjustable transparancy.