by Bill Spinhoven

On both sides of the pavilion is set up a monitor. The monitor at the top side of the pavilion shows a sleeping eye. The monitor at the down side of the pavilion shows a waking eye that is reacting to movements in the near environment. The waking eye of I/Eye is a giant eye that fully covers the screen of a monitor. It does not only look at you, but it also follows you and moves with you. Initially, you think you are the one watching, but then you discover that you are being watched as well. For this waking eye, Bill Spinhoven has filmed one of his own eyes in many different positions, that reacts on movements in the near environment by means of a computer programme. The separate film fragments can be arranged in a new sequence again and again. A sensor registrates all movements in the environment of the monitor. After which the fragments are arranged in such a way that it seems as if the eye is reacting on passers-by or even a bird nearby. This is how the eye is following any passer-by or any other movement. I/ Eye is watching you. While looking the Eye right in the eye (or: when you come face to face with the Eye), you personally experience what it feels like to be watched and followed, almost as an object. Your safe position as aviewer is undermined, which results in an uncomfortable experience.