by Erick de Lyon

Five light projections on the inner walls of the pavilion. The light, that is projected in a subtle way, is visible on five pieces of glass of the pavilion, on which a semi-transparent screen was created by means of a mix of yoghurt.Five infusions are releasing drops of water. Below the infusions are five flat bowls of zinc, containing water, and a mirror lying on the bottom. Slide projectors with a wide-angle lens and a red filter are projecting light on the water surface. The mirrors are reflecting the light of the water surface on the walls of the pavilion. The dripping infusions are making circles on the water surface. This is causing a rhythmic projection of red water circles.The projectors were hung in adjustable frames by means of which the angle of the slanting pavilion is compensated. The same construction was applied for the water bowls of zinc. The infusions were adjusted in such a way that the water drops are falling with the rhythm of a heart beat. This causes fleeting red images that evoke an association with a mini camera, pushing itself through the gullet of a body.