by Walter Bartelings

A construction of demolition wood meanders around and over the pavilion. The sculptural construction of fourteen pillars and joints forms a contrast with the clear, functional architecture of the pavilion of Bernard Tschumi. On the glass in the inside, red strips of tape were applied. The changing incidence of light evokes a subtle play of alternating clearly visible, and less visible red stripes that remind of the construction of demolition wood. While autumn is progressing, the colour of the wood is changing with the leaves of the trees. There is a visual contrast between the structure of the pavilion and the temporary, raw construction of demolition wood. The two structures seem to attract and repulse each other. The difference between the functional glass architecture and the seemingly accidental construction of demolition wood cannot be bridged physically. Still, after a while the two structures seem to be growing into each others direction, not at all bothered by the changing autumn colours.