by Geert Mul

The Rotterdam-based artist Geert Mul foresaw the Pavilion around and from top to bottom with printed, transparent foils. This created on the Pavilion a skin with a printed cartoon on the transition from fossil to renewable sources of energy. The foils were lit from within with led lights that permanently changed color, were whitch created ever new images on the walls of the pavilion.

Three hundred million years ago the Netherlands were a warm, swampy lowlands where many animals and plants flourished with giant insects, amphibians, huge trees and large ferns. As the trees and plants died, they rot away in the marsh. Thus was born a thick layer of peat, in which also remains of animals were preserved. One hundred million years ago this turned into natural gas, that stayed trapped in large cavities in the earth. This has handed us natural gasĀ  with which we now heat our homes.

In Pleistoscene by Geert Mul the transforming images symbolized the transition of fossils, insects and amphibians in natural gas and the sustainable alternatives tthat comes in its place.