by Jan Peter E.R Sonntag

By means of two special tubes that are sending out subfrequencies, two walls of sound are put up that are reaching as far as outside of the pavilion. Inside, the subfrequencies result in pressure areas. At the same time, tangible interference waves are moving through the pavilion, which makes the walls vibrate slightly. Part of the pavilion is covered with a semi-transparant green foil, creating a semi-transparant space wrapped in one monochrome colour. A cylinder shaped lamp in a red cover is hanging from te ceiling below which is a mattrass with two pillows. Raum Arbeit # 45 has the charm of a film set that was set up for a short while, for the audience to have an opportunity to become part of it, lying on the bed. In the meanwhile, the soft buzz coming from the tubes, is more tangible than it is audible, which evokes an ominous atmosphere around the pavilion.