by Staalplaat Soundsystem

Mechanical orchestra made of discarded home appliances played by means of a cellular phone. The orchestra consists of a big collection of ‘musicians’ whistling hoovers, rattling mixer, buzzing fans, waddling jigsaws, dancing clotheshorses, and other home appliances used in an alternative way. In this setting, a man-sized fridge is the conductor, functioning as an interface; it is the central means by which the system is explained to the audience. To have the orchestra perform, the viewer phones a mobile number. The door of the fridge opens, and instructions appear. To activate instruments or parts of the orchestra, the viewer has to press a number. This activates, for example, a washing machine that starts buzzing. All instruments can be played in this way. Every viewer is allowed to play the orchestra for about five minutes. Then the telephone line is closed, preventing it to be occupied by one viewer too long. In this way, also other passers-by and interested viewers who wish to play are given an opportunity to discover and play with ‘Sale Away. Steel plate Soundsystem.’ The Steelplate Soundsystem was made by Geert-Jan Hobijn (NL), Carsten Stabenow (GER) and Olaf Matthes (GER).