by Ad de Laat

In the aisle, in the middle of the pavilion, two curtains of white lining are stretched. Between the curtains is a wedge-shaped, inflated table form of sixteen metres long made of kite, – or spinnaker fabric. This object is provided with a continuous air flow by means of ten fans that were placed along the aisle. The fans are connected by means of tubes, that pierce through the curtains. On the table form are two inflated, seven metre long arms, also made of kite fabric. These arms areprovided with air by the fans as well. The entire installation is lit inside from the aisle by blacklights, that are hanging from the ceiling of the pavilion. The inflated arms seem to float on a pulsing rhythm. It evokes an atmosphere of an organism that is only partly alive, as if being in a coma, and which is connected to an artificial respiration machine.