by Geert Mul

What was it like to be Herman Brood. What did the scenery look like at the time he started his career, walking around in Groningen. It was during that time that he produced Street (1977) and Spritsz (1978), that have become essential albums in the Dutch history of rock. Herman Brood had a talent that gave him the clear view on his time, something we can only see when looking back. From a point of view of 2006 it is not difficult to recognise the relativity and humorous sides of that scenery. Geert Mul & Gyz La Riviere combine Herman Brood’s music with his Wild Romance and these images. In these four clips Herman Brood still coincides with the time in which he was all the rage. Historical images from the seventies and eighties from the collection of GAVA/RHC Groninger Archieven show part of this scenery.