by Mark Bain

Terrain and “view”, Terrascope is exacly what it says: to create a view on the terrain and listen to geology. Terrascope is based on the fact that sound is carried by matter (as without matter, no sound exists; in a vacuum no one will hear you scream). Terrascope listens to the matter and geology of the location, to the ground you stand on that is constantly resonating. In the Tschumi pavilion a probe was installed that detects micro-seismic resonation of the ground under the pavilion. This local resonation that you don’t feel is made visible and audible by means of an oscilloscope; a device to detect and make signals perceptible by means of waves. In Terrascope these will appear by means of a laser beam that is constantly projected in the Tschumi pavilion. In this way, the laser beam is constantly formed and amplified by the detected geological resonation. The laser beam is projected horizontally and does not relate to the sloping floor of the pavilion.