by Driessens & Verstappen

The floor of the pavilion is filled with more than 10.000 White Marvel tulip bulbs. An extension of this surface with the same size and an equal number of bulbs is planted outside the pavilion. The difference between the cultivated and the natural environment becomes clear by means of the beginning of blooming and the period of blooming of the tulips. As in the protected environment inside the pavilion the average temperature is higher, the tulips inside will start blooming earlier than the tulips outside. The flowers inside may already have ended their blooming period, while the tulips outside still have to start blooming. However, an overlap in time can occur as well. The entire process is recorded with a webcam from within the pavilion. Every day around noon a picture is taken of the video images. These pictures are automatically saved to form a sequence, which results in a cinematic report of the growing process.