The Tschumi pavilion was designed by the French – Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, who resided in Paris and New York. Its realisation took place as a part of the art and architecture event What a Wonderfull World! Music Video’s in Architecture, organised by the council of Groningen in cooperation with the Groninger Museum, in 1990. With this event, it was for the first time that the Groninger Museum and the council of Groningen started an intense cooperation to explore both coherence as well as the boundaries between art, image culture, video, architecture and public space. The occasion for this event was the 950th anniversary of the city of Groningen and was held in five pavilions. Five architects who were labelled as ‘Deconstructivists’ in 1988, among whom Bernard Tschumi, were asked to do research on the image of the city and the quality of public space for the event, in an innovative and experimental way.